Friday, October 9, 2015

Gowdy's Prosecutorial Hammer

Anyone following the events of the last week or so must - MUST - read an incredible letter written by Trey Gowdy to the ranking democrat member of the Benghazi select committee, Elijah Cummings. I have never seen anything like this released to the public. Here is the link to the letter.

It is pointless for me to summarize this or draw your attention to its highlights. This is a blistering indictment of the feckless behavior of Cummings and his democrat colleagues which has obviously reached a boiling point for Gowdy.

In essence, he accuses them of protecting the presidential aspirations of Hillary by selectively leaking testimony offered privately, and defending the results of the Accountability Review Board which "cleared" her of any culpability even though she was never interviewed nor her emails reviewed because, of course, there was no knowledge that her emails were housed on a private server.

But he reserves his most harsh language to describe the sketchy relationship between the Secretary and Sidney Blumenthal whose interests were sickly selfish, whose employment by Clinton in a government position was prohibited by Obama and his honchos and who apparently disclosed highly classified intelligence in an email to Clinton's private server.

The exchanges between Clinton and Blumenthal - at least the portions revealed by Gowdy in this letter - are extragovernmental, expose that Hillary is incapable of terminating relationships with people who undermine her credibility and judgment, and that she and this coterie of associates remain comfortable skirting the edges of legality.

This is a very brave letter. It can only signal that Gowdy has exhausted all reasonable effort to maintain a sense of bipartisanship behind closed doors and that he is incensed that Cummings and company have amped up efforts to embarrass and undermine him.

Democrats have never been interested, their protestations to the contrary, in finding out what really happened that awful night in Benghazi. Whatever the real story, it was inevitable that there would be some damaging revelations which would reflect poorly on Obama, Clinton and others.

When there was a coordinated effort to blame the attack on an amateurish video, when Clinton promised the families of the victims that those responsible for the video would be found and prosecuted, when this bogus explanation was repeated and amplified throughout the Administration, the writing was written on the Watergate wall.

The "stonewall" was in full implementation mode. All the primary actors had bought in. And the story would not fall (and has not yet fallen) until indisputable evidence is uncovered or an integral player rolls to escape prosecution.

Why would Obama blacklist Blumenthal for government work when he was known to be one of Hillary's closest advisers and friends? Perhaps Obama (read: Valerie Jarrett) believed Blumenthal was responsible for some of the more odious attacks on him during the 2008 campaign. When Hillary intimated that Obama may not have been born in the US and might be an adherent of Islam. What would possibly possess Hillary to rely upon a private citizen for intelligence when she could access the full power and authority of the government's intelligence community?

Blumenthal is the emerging figure of tragedy in this Shakespearean saga. Humiliated by Obama. Soon to be placed on the chopping block by Hillary in an effort to save her political fortunes. Gowdy is nothing if not a skilled prosecutor.

My bet is he offers Blumenthal immunity and all hell breaks loose.

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