Thursday, October 8, 2015

Domestic Affairs: A Gut Check

There is so much of consequence occurring almost daily, it is difficult to process, let alone comment upon. Let's try to tackle a few issues in one post with some brevity, shall we? Yes, we shall!

1) Assorted Hillary Clinton Catastrophes - I don't know how she manages it, I really don't. This email disaster which SHE CREATED keeps getting worse, if that's possible. Now, it is discovered that the company, Platte River, she engaged to provide her private server infrastructure engaged another company, Datto, to provide cloud backup for her server contents. Neither company appears to have security clearances, joining David Kendall, her attorney who possessed a thumb drive of said server contents, and Hillary herself of being in violation of the law.

An email from a Datto employee is concerned enough about what they've been engaged to do that he says he's concerned that "this whole thing is really covering up some shaddy [sic] shit". Oh my. Did he say "covering up"? Seems to me that verbal characterization has been used in the same sentence with the word "Clinton" on numerous prior occasions.

2) The Benghazi Committee Dustup - Item 1, of course, gives us a seamless segue into this one. The aspiring Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, stepped in a pile by suggesting that the Select Committee on Benghazi had as part of its charge to undermine Hil as a viable presidential candidate. Of course, Hil seems to be taking care of that on her own, thank you. But this comment has attracted as much attention as anything a republican has said since W uttered something humorously inept.

Hil says, "I told you guys there IS a vast right wing conspiracy!" Others want the committee disbanded TODAY. RIGHT NOW! It's a miscarriage of justice. A witch hunt.

Until this inopportune comment, most observers have given Trey Gowdy the benefit of the doubt. None of the witnesses, including Cheryl Mills, one of Hil's major domos, reported being hectored or abused. We would not even be aware of item 1 without this committee having uncovered it. Perhaps the committee's work has taken too long. Congress could certainly terminate its work by eliminating its funding.

As far as I know (and not a single reporter has asked this of Hil), we still do not know what Chris Stevens was doing in Benghazi; why his multiple requests for increased security were not delivered; what the President was doing that evening; and why a blatantly false narrative was propagated to explain the tragedy. Her testimony in October was always going to be must see TV. This latest dustup insures it.

3) Mr. Trump Blows It - Following his release of a substantial proposal paper on tax reform, Donald has confirmed a position that will enrage conservatives who have watched his personality train from the sidelines with curiosity. That is, he fully endorses the notion of eminent domain to seize private property. This is an odious admission, comparable to yelling from the rafters, "I love huge, cash- sucking big government!"

While many who might not fully comprehend the danger associated with endorsing eminent domain will overlook this French kiss, constitutionalists will find this position to be unsupportable and will terminate any further dalliance with Donald. Regardless of his poll topping numbers, there is a critical segment of voters who will now say - a la the democrats whose worst suspicions about the Benghazi committee have been "confirmed" - WE KNEW IT! Trump is neither a Republican nor a conservative! He is a Donald - he's all for Trump, all of the time.

His numbers will begin to erode unless he repudiates his position. Which would be almost as unbelievable as Hil, say, reversing herself on traditional marriage or Keystone or TPP or...uh,

4)  The Speakership - No sooner did I start writing this post before the shit hit the proverbial fan. Kevin McCarthy has withdrawn from the speakership under the insinuation that he may have had an affair with another member of his conference and that (see #2 above) he stepped in it big time on his description of the target of the Benghazi select committee.

The bigger issue, of course, is that McCarthy is a creature of Boehner. Willing to defer to Pelosi and Obama, placing greater emphasis on the functionality of the body rather than what it functions to accomplish and unwilling to stand on principle to confront the president's constitutional transgressions regardless of consequence. It is a record of compromise fueled by a fear of the media whose sympathy with the minority informs their reporting.

Who cares that the media characterizes this as dysfunction or internal disorder? Is it better for the anointed democrat candidate to be litmus tested as being to the left of Obama or, heaven forbid, the exiled New York socialist, Bernie Sanders? Where could this country possibly be headed if a representative of a major political party advocates $18 trillion of spending over ten years ON TOP OF the extraordinary spending of the party's current titular head?

Up shit's creek, that's where.

So, at this writing, one party wants to take us up the creek without a paddle and the other throws excrement at a fan. Some choice.

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