Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Obama Medals of Freedom

If I were Barack Obama, I'd be singling out a few members of the media for Presidential Medals of Freedom (or some other taxpayer funded gift) before I left office.

One would clearly be Juan Williams. He has assumed the role of Designated Obama Defender on Fox News, a role he's been serving for almost 7 years. The Five, Special Report, Bill O'Reilly - he's done it all. While defending himself as independent, it is challenging to find occasions where he has veered from the President's course.

My other nomination has to go to Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post. His column today, "Obama Has Good Reasons to Smile", is emblematic of the pitchers of Kool Aid he has guzzled over the President's two terms.

First President to Venture Above Arctic Circle! Unemployment 5.1%! The Iran Deal which "Definitvely" Keeps Iran from Building a Nuclear Weapon for Fifteen Years! He Brought the Economy Back to Real Growth! The Affordable Care Act is Well Established! Industries Are Accommodating New Restrictions! The Border With Mexico is More Secure Than Ever Before!

He really used these words to describe the near messianic reign of Obama The First.

Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood is on a very different planet than my own. Permit me to comment briefly on his claims of success.

1. Obama did in fact cross the Arctic Circle. What he said there was far more important than where he was when he said it. "The United States recognizes our role in creating [climate change]...." he
pled guiltily. According to The New York Times, Obama, "...warned the effects of global warming...
would soon...submerge entire countries, annihilating cities, and leaving fields barren...."

It seems appropriate to add that his Genius Secretary of State who negotiated the incredibly rigorous JCPOA compared the challenge of climate change to World War II when "all of Euope was overrun
by evil and civilization itself seemed to be in peril". I'm sorry - did the Genius just say "seemed to be
in peril"? That's an interesting way to describe the Thousand Year Reich. And he compared that to climate change? 

You've got to love the ideological devotion of the left and its ability to call forward the apocalypse for those who fail to follow the faith.

2. The only conceivable way that national unemployment is 5.1% is to exclude (which these labor
statistics do) the more than 90 million Americans eligible to join the work force who can't find
employment. That's men and women. All ethnicities. Even according to these cooked statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in the African American community is double the national average. It would be difficult to argue, I think, that some of the frustration bubbling over in American cities is not due to some extent to a declining lack of JOBS available in those communities. How can Mr. Robinson just ignore this painful reality?

3. The Iran Deal. Enough said.

4. The Economy. See #2.

5. Yes, the Affordable Care Act is "well established" . Is that the best descriptor he can find? How about - it's wildly successful! People can't wait to get on board! Annual increases are 5%! Every family saved $2500 in premiums just like the President said! People really did get to keep their plans
and their doctors! He can't say anything like this because none of it is true.

6. Obama has given the EPA broad authority to promulgate regulations in place of legislation authorized by Congress. See #1. In an administration that believes - believes - that climate change is the biggest threat to national security we face, there is little that industry can do to resist the power of the Federal Government unless they commit to litigation against an opponent that can literally print money. The EPA acts with a level of impunity and disregard to constitutional strictures that can only be compared with the NLRB. Or the IRS. Or the FCC. Or the Justice Department. I think you get my drift.

7. I'm sure there's a poll out there somewhere, but how do you think Americans would respond to the question: do you believe our border with Mexico is more secure than ever? We all know what the answer would be. Any of us living in border states, particularly if you venture into areas immediately adjoining the border, know this is an absurd assertion. I have been on ranches in Webb County near Laredo. There are well worn trails through these ranches that illegals traverse to avoid the roads and Border Patrol checkpoints. Not along the border, but well inland on I35 northbound. Many ranches have trailers or modest bunkhouses for hunters since Webb County is one of the deer hunting destinations in Texas. These shelters are broken into constantly, and I will spare you the details of
what is left behind. This is not immigration. These are people who knowingly enter the country
illegally, often paying cartel coyotes to move them across a porous border.

So, we're I Obama, I'd get these guys and a few other colleagues over to the Kennedy Center ASAP. Time's a wastin'. Roll out The Dixie Chicks and Roger Waters for some inspirational anti-Bush, pro-BDS harmonizing. After that, we don't have an awful lot of time left to come to some conclusion on whether Hillary Clinton should be added to the Lois Lerner pardon list.

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