Thursday, September 24, 2015

Happy Days Are Here! Again!!

There is a fraud of massive proportions blanketing this country today.

No, it is not the Hil email embarrassment, although the details revealed almost daily diminish her proportionately. No, it is not the candidacy of Donald Trump, although the near total absence of policy pronouncements undermines his temporary position atop the polls.

Rather, it is a conspiracy of tectonic forces which often align ideologically, but my memory is challenged to recall anything similar. The heart of the conspiracy is the myth that somehow Obama has rescued us from the economic collapse of 2008 and the economy is in a slow, but undeniable, recovery.

Despite the protestations of Josh Earnest (maybe the smarmiest, most condescending press secretary ever. And that's saying something when you think that intellectual giants like Marie Harf, Jen Psaki and John Kirby are in the same administration), the economy sucks.

When one considers that more than 90 million people able to work cannot find employment; close to 50 million people are on food stamps; and the Bureau of Labor Statistics has the unemployment rate improving on a beautiful bar chart from a high of 10% in October 2009 to 5.1% in August 2015. Holy mackerel, people, Obama has cut the unemployment rate in half! Happy Days Are Here Again!

Except they ain't. The Federal Reserve has been unable to reimpose an interest rate of any kind because the economy - worldwide - is so fragile. The stock market is roiling as of this writing because China's economy, on which so much global success has depended, is in free fall. In the last 3 months, the stock market has dropped 2,000 points.

Today, Caterpillar, one of the bedrock operations in this country and reliable harbinger of global economic health, announced that they were laying off 10,000 employees. Their stock price is down 25% year to date. They said 2015 would be the third consecutive year of lower sales. If they're down again in 2016, it would be the first, 4 year negative stretch in their 90 year history.

Why is Obama wasting his and our time lecturing us on the perils of global warming and embracing the Pope whose theories on economics flange up better with Chavez and Peron than our own? Obama says there is "no greater threat" facing us than climate change.

I think he has reconstituted The Choom Gang and they are in control of Washington. Who cares about global warming if the economy continues its slide and there is a precipitous increase in those requiring government assistance? How are we supposed to pay for that? If more people are falling out of the workforce, but energy costs escalate because of "climate change initiatives", how will normal people absorb these weekly wallet extractions?

There is nothing - with the possible exception of defense preparedness - more critical than fixing this economy which has been in the dumpster since Obama was inaugurated. Please, oh please, explain to me how that is not true without cutting and pasting propaganda from Occupy Democrats or Think Progress.

The sad fact is that Obama's economic initiatives - whatever they might have been - have fallen on their face. Their failure has been masked by painfully twisted statistical reporting from government bureaucracies the administration controls. Those bogus statistics are then parroted by the media who have become masterful at manipulating the Obama Image.

He cannot seem to have been wrong in his actions or policies because they cannot seem to have been wrong in their support of him.

So, we are staring at a complex series of powerful enterprises which are ideologically aligned and tied together by the need to keep the President from harm. They have performed in a manner I have never seen duplicated. The media hated Johnson because he supported the war in Vietnam. They hated the Bushes because the were Republicans. Their support for Clinton was half-hearted because even they were privately disgusted by the notion of a democrat President getting blow jobs by an intern and then lying about it.

But it was close. Very close. Because their common ideological objectives nearly - nearly - convinced them to give him a pass until a blue dress stained with semen caused a momentary pause. Holy Shit, they said. And, despite their best efforts to sweep this scandal under a rug, there was no denying the reality of a semen-smeared dress to be "donated" to the Smithsonian. All went quiet.

Now, his wife resurfaces after having been rejected by a "clean" African American nearly 8 years ago. But her position is shakier than it was then. Her reputation has been influenced undeniably by shifting positions, obfuscating statements and outright lies about the night of Sep 11 in Benghazi. Her email story is ridiculous, an embarrassing coverup that should lead to her indictment - unless the prosecution of Gen. Petreus was politically motivated and no indictments will ever cascade from the insanity of Fast and Furious and the IRS targeting of tea party groups. Any attempt to prosecute her will be parried by forces ironically tied to the Clinton Foundation.

There will never be any Fast and Furious indictments, nor will anyone at the IRS ever be held to account for their use of private information to target groups with which the administration disagreed; goodness, right before Obama's reelection campaign. Amazing!

The sooner this administration is brought to its appropriate conclusion, the better. We need to move beyond it and try to recover which will take more than 2 terms of a new President. Should the Hil or Uncle Joe prevail in November 2016, we will be facing greater uncertainty in the stock market, rising taxes and no improvement in the employment outlook. It will literally mean the end of the country as we know it today.

The likelihood of that happening - when compared with the "no greater threat" global warming paranoia of Obama's current rhetoric - stands in stark contrast with the brain-addled encyclical of the
Holy See and his ideological allies.

There will be no global warming issues with which to concern ourselves if the economy deteriorates
further and the consequence of broadening unemployment drives our deficit to levels which exceed our ability to ever repay.

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