Friday, July 3, 2015

Two Juicy Irresistable Stories

Oh, man, my friends, things are ratcheting up hot and heavy. Obama and Kerry have given themselves a week to just squeeze the bejeezus out of the Mullahs for their home run agreement, Donald Trump can't keep himself out of trouble and could give a shit and Hillary Clinton is psychologically incapable of keeping herself out of trouble, period. And everybody's favorite gay crew member of the Starship Enterprise said one of the all time most bigoted things ever today, but, never mind, #lovewins!! Yeah!,

Amongst all this crazy goodness, though, my two juicy stories of the day have to be illustrations of hypocrisy run wild and public figures that will literally lie about anything, no matter how ludicrous our obvious.

Our first winner of the day must be Lanny Davis (a lawyer!), who can only be topped by Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock and David Axelrod, as one of the greatest liars in American history (oh, wait - what about that other Clinton genius, Sandy Berger, who smuggled Clintonian dirt out of the National Archives inadvertently?). And why or why are nearly all these putzes Jewish (we'll get to that some other time)? He actually said today that Hillary Rodham Clinton "hasn't changed a single position in her entire career". I'm sorry, what? I'm not going to waste anyone's time (least of all, mine, since I'm writing), but, holy shit, if any fleck of common sense remained extant on this planet (and I'm already having my doubts) this statement would vaporize it instantaneously. How does a human being with a fiber of ethical standards allow a phrase like that to emanate from one's lips, let alone be formulated by some quasi-functional brain tissue?

My second winner (and how could you have guessed?) goes to Moe, Larry and Curly, alternatively known as Barack, Uncle Joe and John Heinz Kerry. They have determined that they are going to place an embassy in Havana where the government in residence tortures its citizens, denies them free speech, outsources its support to equally repressive regimes in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia ("Viva la Coca!") , generally conducting itself with the same sort of civilized aplomb with our other great new ally, Iran. Now, mind you, The Stooges apparently have a major issue with torture, dismisses the legitimacy of opinion that runs counter to their own and bends over backwards to invent constitutional protections that don't exist for people who violate our laws. Hell, they even threw a guy in jail for making a video that killed our ambassador in Libya.

Now, they're going to get their embassy in Havana. And they'll probably put one in Tehran, too. But they refuse to put one in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, which the Israelis have been requesting they do for years. But, somehow, our self-described "first Jewish President" won't honor the wishes of the country that holds democratic elections, embraces religious and sexual diversity, doesn't threaten its neighbors and isn't exporting revolutionary dogma to other countries. Is it perfect? Hardly. Are we? Moving away from it at light speed.

Is it conceivable that the Clinton and Obama crowds, aided and abetted by serial liars like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (oh, one of the greatest ever - remember the story of "Tommy", the illegal alien who called and spoke with him at his office? I am so sure that happened.) are so thoroughly convinced that they are essentially untouchable that they can get away with saying anything? When acting together, they actually told the grieving families of the four heroes killed in Libya that they would spare no effort to find the evil videographer responsible for the death of their loved ones. They knew those words were vile lies when they said them. They knew what had really happened there. And they had no qualms about the mendacity of their words or saying them in the presence of those flag draped coffins.

It was always about them. Saving their skins. Cultivating their legacies. That's what Havana, Tehran and Jerusalem are about, too. Doing the right thing is somewhere lost in space on the Starship Enterprise.

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