Saturday, July 4, 2015

NYT Scoop: Bernie Sanders was '60's Radical

The Grey Lady continues to make news itself with the astounding scoop, revealed today, that Bernie Sanders, Socialist Senator from Vermont, was an avowed "radical" during the 1960's. This remarkable and totally unexpected revelation bears the byline of Sarah Lyall, graduate of the Philips Exeter Academy and Yale University, where she was undoubtedly exposed to an education free from political indoctrination and taught to be objective in her reporting of the "news".

It is remarkable that major media outlets have positioned the hair-challenged Sanders as the "anti-Hillary". I guess we must infer they mean that perhaps Sanders has a different relationship with the truth because ideologically there's nothing "anti" about him. Since the two share a syncophantic devotion to single term Senator Obama, who bears the mantle of Saul Alinsky and the Weather Underground generally, intrepid reporter Lyall now confirms to us that Sanders was a "political organizer" and "labor agitator". My fellow Americans, I think we now can admit to ourselves that these vocations are essential qualifications when judging the suitability of potential Oval Office occupiers.

Remarkably, he also shares Obama's keen scientific background. While we can all finally admit that the President accurately frames the subject of global warming as a paramount National Security Threat when addressing graduates of our service academies, Sanders claims that cancer "could be caused by psychological factors such as unresolved hostility towards one's mother". Who wouldn't trust the promulgation of EPA regulations to a man with such sound scientific reasoning? reports to us that "The Bernie Sanders Smear Campaign Has Begun".  One must wonder who might be behind this delusional headline featured on Salon. Is it the liberal media, personified by the leading light of the movement, The New York Times? It would appear not. Is it Fox News or right wing talk radio? Can't say that's likely - while they're hardly Hillary fans, do they care ultimately about the eventual Democratic nominee? No, the only specific smear mentioned occurred on MSNBC and was attributed to Claire McCaskill. The same Senator McCaskill that has a 100% voting record with the AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, AFSCME (public sector union bankrupting states and municipalities), UAW (93%), NARAL. She has every right to take whatever positions she chooses; my point is that this is the politician Salon has identified as leading the Sanders Smear? Ridiculous.

We must come to the conclusion that the Democratic establishment, regardless of their chronological age, is controlled by adherents to the ideology of 1960's radicalism. It is undeniably the case for the Obamas, Clintons, Kerry, the Congressional Black Caucus and, holy cow, Bernie Sanders. It is consistently anti-military, favors entitlement expansion, winks at illegal immigration, desires tax expansion and endorses income redistribution.

Bernie Sanders is no longer the weird Socialist outlier who caucuses with the Democrats. He now represents the essential positions of the party which, with the assistance of a sympathetic media, stifles any expression of moderation.

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