Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Woods, Doherty and Trayvon Martin

Today, a petition signed by 1,000 Special Operations veterans was brought to Capitol Hill calling for the creation of a select committee to thoroughly investigate the terror attack in Benghazi last September. Many liberals have characterized this scandal as a tempest in a teapot because there is no credible evidence suggesting that anyone in authority was malfeasant when refusing to send aid of any sort while the Benghazi attack was underway. There are, however, several indisputable facts: four Americans were murdered in a preplanned attack; the White House and State Department spun a false explanation for the attack for several weeks even though it was acknowledged as a terror attack for the outset; the survivors of the attack have not been permitted to speak, a coverup the likes of which we have not seen since Watergate; and, the legacy media has no interest in pursuing the nasty details of the story because it will invariably lead to embarrassing Obama, Clinton and Panetta.

We must contrast this situation with the events of the last few weeks as outrage abounds over the jury decision in the trial of George Zimmerman. Wall to wall coverage of the proceedings on Headline News, the never-ending pontification from Revs. Sharpton and Jackson, the drop in by Beyonce and Jay Z at the New York protest, and, finally, the explanation from the President about why the African American community views the legal system so jaundicedly. Mr. Obama has never adequately addressed the events of that September 11 and has certainly not given it the patient, personal explanation which he delivered on the Zimmerman outcome.

Mr. Obama and his advisors should endorse the petition submitted by some of the Nation's bravest service men and women, and Speaker Boehner should drop his objections and move ahead to establish this Select Committee. The State Department should release the survivors from whatever confidentiality agreements they were required to sign, so we can finally get a full accounting of what happened that night. Further, agents Woods and Doherty should receive some form of public acknowledgement for their heroic actions that night, for refusing to stand down like many others were required to do and ultimately giving their lives. It is difficult to conceive what they experienced that night, and as just a lone citizen, I demand to know what really took place. Similarly, poor Sean Smith and the dreadfully abused Chris Stevens deserve to have their stories told. And why - nearly one year later - has no one been brought to justice?

The tales of Benghazi and Trayvon Martin are stories of justice denied and denying the fair outcome of justice. It is nothing short of outrageous that our President and his loyalists are willing to spend so much capital on the latter and do not care about truth in the former.

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