Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bill Clinton and Carlos Danger

Though I have little use for Maureen Dowd, who is an unabashed Obama syncophant, I did come across her column today while reviewing "Real Clear Politics," one of my favorite websites. Ms. Dowd, it seems, has finally had enough of Anthony Weiner and, like many others writing this week, compares the Weiners (both male and female) with the Clintons (same). While it's obvious she admires both Hillary and Huma, she claims that Anthony - despite his close relationship with the Clintons - couldn't hold Bill's jockstrap and, therefore, doesn't deserve the same compassionate redemption. Cause Bill after all is a political genius and Anthony is Bill's doppelganger.

This is all a little too tidy for me. Despite the success that Bill enjoyed as President, he was largely the beneficiary of circumstance (like many others are). He presided over a booming private sector and reluctantly endorsed welfare reform and spending reductions because Congress forced it upon him. His foreign policy was spotty at best, ignoring an opportunity to kill Bin Laden and belatedly entering the Bosnian conflict with NATO. Bill is also known for his pathological philandering, profoundly embarrassing his wife and thoroughly making a mockery of his purported feminism. Maureen Dowd and those like her would like us to believe that Bill is a political genius as opposed to being a political opportunist who perjured himself and then prostituted himself with Barack Obama in an effort to make some restitution to his wife.

And, what a whirlwind he has wrought upon us. Hillary, who wants to remind the Duchess of Cambridge that it takes a village to raise a prince, the mother of the Benghazi debacle and dear friend of Chris Stevens, who doesn't feel like it makes "any difference" what caused those four murders that night, now wants to succeed the President. A woman who was cheated on serially and stands for feminist martyrdom now wants to become the nation's first female President. What an example she sets for us all.

She certainly sets the example for Huma Abedin, her protege and confidant. Mrs. Weiner dutifully defends her husband, wants us all to know thaye've been in constant therapy and that they're ready to serve the middle class of New York City. I have no doubt that had there not been revelations of additional extramarital contacts AFTER the joint press conference, Maureen Dowd, the editorial board of the New York Times and even the Clintons would have been enthusiastic, public boosters for the former Congressman. These people are so duplicitous by nature (see John Edwards and his late, lamented spouse) that it is impossible to believe anything that comes out of their mouths.

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