Sunday, January 26, 2014

HYPOCRISY (I'm back!)

Ooo, boy, I have fallen off the wagon completely. No posts during the month of December? And January is almost over. What gives? Well, as I described in earlier posts, we have had some turmoil in the family over the last several months, so it may have taken a toll on me of which I was unaware. Alternatively, it could be that I was so sickened by the cascade of falsehoods emanating from Washington that I couldn't possibly conceive how my singular voice could shed any additional light on the cacophony from both sides spinning events to their advantage.

But two things have awoken me from my lethargy (along with the one or two screaming voices of fans clamoring for additional posts), the first: my Jewish hero, Sen Charles Schemer (I mean, Schumer) who will literally say anything and be widely reported by the media; and two, Wendy Davis, the darling of those same media personalities, an anonymous Texas state senator from Ft. Worth who wants to be governor based upon her "principled" stand opposing abortions over twenty weeks.

Sen Schemer has now determined that the Tea Party is every bit as perilous to this country's freedom as Al Qaeda. In fact, I would have to argue that he really believes the threat from the Tea Party is greater because they are domestic, operate in the open and are diametrically opposed to the orthodoxy of liberalism upon which he has fashioned his entire persona. He advocates the active intercession of the IRS to quash the freedom of speech some Tea Party groups enjoy, alledging that somehow the Citizens United case has benefitted them disproportionately. Are there really so few among us who find the use of the IRS' power for nefarious anti constitutional purposes objectionable, that in today's environment it is permissible to advocate for its use out in the open? Wasn't Richard Nixon actually charged with impeachment of his duties because he did this surreptitiously?

And he further claims that the group is directed by an elite of white Anglo Sextons who worship differently than we do - what the hell is he talking about? Naturally, he is attempting to conjure images of the Ku Klux Klan, who were actually white Christian Southern Democrats violently opposed to integration and the rule of law. He is saying in essence that this time around they are white Christian Southern Republicans violently opposed to immigration and the primacy of federal government. As a fellow Jew, I find his comments and veiled illusions disgusting and libelous.While he is the ultimate insider, his clarion call is that the Tea Party is composed of dangerous, isolationist, anarchists whose wish is to bring down the federal infrastructure violently and restore American whiteness and heterosexual monogamy. One need only look to their irrational reaction to Barack Obama and his progressive programs to know this is factual.

Or perhaps to the pink-sneakered martyr of Ft. Worth County, Wendy Davis, single mom, Harvard
Law grad, directing her broadsword against the peasantry who insist on denying women their access to professional health services. Good Lord. Wendy Davis became a darling of the left because she filibustered a law which would have restricted abortions after 20 weeks. 20 weeks?! This is a medieval revival if I've ever heard one. What's next - reintroduction of chastity belts by a Neanderthal  Texas state legislature? And then Wendy has the balls to claim that her crusade-like motivation is on behalf of protecting children? When it is discovered that the martyr has embellished her life story somewhat to insure that her story is the fable every sympathizer wants to believe, her "people" cast aspersions against her opponent and then disgustingly suggest that perhaps his wheelchair is a prop to reinforce his own sense of fable.

This smacks of the same kind of absurdity emanating from the mouth of Sen Schumer: "The guys with the pitchforks are coming and they're going to storm the castle. Everybody to the battlements!
They'll rape our women and burn our churches! They will force us to worship their heathen idols! And they're going to kill (or otherwise delegitimize) our black king. Won't someone do something to stop them? Nothing is off limits!"

People of courage and some sense of morality, regardless of political persuasion, have to step out and call these people the charlatans they are. Tea Party people do not want to see the abolition of the federal government: they want it subjected to reasonable financial constraint. Tea Party people do not want to see the "safety net" eliminated for the less fortunate: they want work rules reinstated for welfare recipients and do not want unemployment benefits extended ad infinitum on the basis of "emergency" because it is current fiscal policy that has exacerbated the unemployment situation itself. And, please, Tea Party people are not adherents of restricting access to birth control: they just feel like it shouldn't be paid for by somebody else and religious institutions should have the freedom to provide it as part of a health plan according to their beliefs. Finally, and most importantly, Tea Party people are proponents of limited taxation because it will inherently limit the out of control growth of government and left's dogmatic devotion to income redistribution. That is why there is such a focus of opposition to Obamacare - not because it's named after our African American President, but because it is the epitome of everything the Tea Party loathes about government - passed without one vote from the opposition, manipulated with legislative artifice to guarantee its passage, tax payer-funded largesse gifted to Louisiana and other states to secure votes, and then implemented with typical governmental ineptitude with waivers granted to special interests by a President who assumes an authority not granted by the constitution.

All blindly defended by the Schumers and Wendy Davises of the world, abetted by a press which must preserve the fables.

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